You may have heard that people carry around a lucky rock or stone. They keep it close for luck or energy. What you might not know is why people do it and what powers are attributed to certain stones. If this is something you want to learn more about then consider virtually attending a session of Tea and Stones hosted by The Dreaming Goddess in Poughkeepsie.

Tuesday nights (October 20th, 27th and November 3rd) you are invited to join in for free to find out more about the various stone and what they can do for you. Rhinanna Mirabello will be your virtual host and because it is online there is no worries that there wouldn't be room for you. Join in from 6:30 PM to 7 PM for Tea & Stones live on the Dreaming Goddess' Facebook page.

You are encourage to grab a cup of tea and sit back as Rhianna talks about various stones in the collection. Some have healing qualities others have folklore surrounding them and Rhianna will guide you through all of it and how you can use stones in your daily life.

On their Facebook page they have listed some of the topics for discussion: How to clear & charge your crystals, metaphysical & geological information, history and folklore of the stones, methods of meditating, how to create stone elixirs, how to use stones in chakra or energy work, how to create an energy grid for prosperity, healing, and more.

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