People looking for a bite to eat in the City of Poughkeepsie the past few days might be wondering why Lola's Cafe on Washington Street was closed. Thanks to a broken pipe under the sidewalk out front, they'll be opening their doors back up this weekend.

The plan is to have a crew there Friday to rip up the sidewalk, then the plumber comes in to fix the collapsed pipe. Running water is a great thing to have these days, so when they get that back up and running, they'll be back in business. Thankfully, their catering business is unaffected by the closure.

A just recently opened Lola's location in New Paltz is an option too if you just can't wait until Saturday.

Could the recent cold temperatures have been an issue? We have to leave certain doors open within the building when it gets below a certain temperature so the pipes don't freeze. We don't need another incident like the great flood of 2002. Or was it 2003?

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