Warning: This article has disturbing content and mentions childrens suicide.

Police are warning the public about a dangerous viral internet challenge which may be telling children to take their own lives.

It's being called by many as the "Momo Challenge." Reports say a creepy looking object called "Momo" reaches out to young children via multiple platforms and sends the kids a number of dares which increases in danger with the final challenge being suicide.

"Momo" tells the children they will be "cursed" if they don't complete the dare and provide photo evidence, CBS reports.

According to the Rolling Stone, tasks escalate from watching a scary movie to self-harm to suicide.

The game has been linked to at least three recent deaths in minors in Argentina, Colombia and India, the Washington Post reports.

It's believed the challenge started spreading on the messaging service WhatsApp and may also be spread on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

While the are reports the "Momo Challenge" is a hoax it has sparked warnings by police departments in the United States and across the globe, the Washington Post reports.

On Saturday, Police Service of Northern Ireland warned about the challenge on Facebook calling it a "Suicide game targeting our kids."

While police in Montana took to Facebook to warn about a 12-year-old child who was "selected for the MOMO Challenge."  School districts in Utah and New Jersey also recently warned parents about the "Momo Challenge."

Some believe the challenge which is going viral again is all an urban legend.

“The Momo thing is much more akin to an urban legend right now,” ReignBot said in a Youtube video. " People are claiming what Momo is and what Momo does, but not that many people have actually interacted with the account. Finding screenshots of interactions with Momo is nearly impossible and you’d think there’d be more for such a supposedly widespread thing.”

It's unclear if the "Momo Challenge" has reached the Hudson Valley but a few readers sent Hudson Valley Post information about the challenge after seeing warnings about the game appear on their Facebook newsfeed. We contacted New York State Police for comment but have yet to hear back as of this writing.

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