Don't make a salad around this lady.

Some people are triggered by certain things, something that brings out in the worst in them. Well, for this Ulster County woman, it seems that lettuce will send her into rage.

According to Saugerties Police, Susan Weed, 72, of Saugerties turned herself into police three days after she allegedly choked a person over some lettuce.

Saugerties Police initiated an investigation on June, 28, 2018 into a reported past assault complaint.

The alleged victim reported to police that on June, 26, 2018 at approximatley 8:00 p.m., her and Weed were cleaning up dinner, when Weed became upset with the victim, because she had placed lettuce in a plastic bag and did not leave enough air in the bag.

The victim reported that Weed yelled at her becasue she was "choking" the lettuce. According to the victim, that is when Weed applied both hands to the victim's neck, applying pressure, and obstructing the victim's airway for several seconds.

Weed was charged with Criminal Obstruction of Breathing and Blood Circulation. She was processed and released on her own recognizance upon the court issuing a Order of Protection on behalf of the victim.

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