A pit bull is accused of attacking four dogs, killing one, and two people in two separate attacks in the Hudson Valley.

On January 21, the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office investigated a pit bull attack in the vicinity of Melody Lake Drive on the border of the Town of Thompson and Forestburgh.

A woman was walking her three dogs when a stray pit bull attacked her and her dogs, killing one of them, according to police. The woman suffered multiple lacerations.

Police issued an alert to the public and asked the public for help in finding the dog.

“Deputies reviewed every dog license in the towns of Thompson and Forestburgh and interviewed town officials as well as scores of town residents”, Sullivan County Sheriff Mike Schiff said.

On March 29, in Monticello, a pit bull attacked a man walking his dog just after midnight on Liberty Street, police say.

The man used a knife to stab the pit bull who was on top of his dog, biting it, police were told. The man was bitten on his hand by the pit bull, according to police.

The owner of the pit bull soon arrived on the scene and took the pit bull to a veterinary hospital in Middletown. The pit bull was eventually put to sleep.

The woman who was attacked on January 21, was shown photos of pit bulls, including the pit bull accused of the Monticello attack, and was able to pick out the pit bull from the Monticello attack as the pit bull that attacked her and her dogs, police say.

Sheriff’s Deputies wanted to issue a leash law summons for the first attack, but the pit bull wasn't licensed to the current owner until on Jan. 29, eight days after the attack.

The owner prior to Jan. 29 is unknown.

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