Yes, the internet just shook with squeals of glee (no pun intended): the ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ trailer has arrived and, for better or worse, it looks like a whole lot more of the same. For fans, that's perfectly okay! Why fix something that clearly isn't broken? For the people who just couldn't deal with the first entry, this one promises all kinds of new nightmares and/or migraines.

Pitch Perfect’ was one of the biggest sleeper hits of 2012, grossing $65 million on a budget of roughly $17 million. However, it became a massive hit on Blu-ray and DVD and spawned the Top 10 hit “Cups”, building a passionate fanbase consisting of young girls, their parents, and perfectly normal adults who just really like a capella. The sequel is arriving in a world where the first film carries a significant and surprising amount of cultural cache, so it's not surprising that this one is getting released smack dab in the middle of a very busy summer. Everyone is expecting this one to hit it big.

The movie itself looks cute enough, if music puns, pratfalls, and catchy a capella updates on modern pop songs are your thing. Of course, part of the charm of the first film was that it took place in a world where a capella is actually a really big deal and that tons of people all over the country care deeply about it, so the sequel increases the stakes. This time, the Bellas are participating in the a capella World Championships, which is apparently a massive thing in this alternate universe where everyone you encounter is capable of carrying a tune and reinventing top 40 pop hits on the spot.

The entire cast of the first film seems to have made it to the sequel, including Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Elizabeth Banks, Skylar Astin, Adam Devine and John Michael Higgins, and no one seems to have changed much. The formula worked the first time around and no one seems to want to shake it up. The biggest change actually comes from behind the camera. ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ marks the directorial debut of Banks (she was a producer on the first film) and we can't help but root for her. If she can direct a movie half as delightful as her screen presence, then this will be a sequel worth watching.

‘Pitch Perfect 2’ opens in theaters on May 15, 2015.

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