Try not to let the tabloid nature of Pistol Annies' new song "Masterpiece" get in the way of enjoying a simply sublime vocal performance.

Miranda Lambert may be famous for coyly spitting fire at those who've crossed her, but it's when the singer tears down the walls that she's at her best. Her performance on "Masterpiece" is up there with "Tin Man" and "The House That Built Me."

The ballad is a waltz that describes a very public relationship as if it were a famous painting. "Once you've been framed, you can't get it," she cries before the chorus that asks:

"Who's brave enough to take us down / Who's fool enough to lose the crown / Maybe another thing they'll all forget about / They'll be standing around laughing / Like nothing ever happened."

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This is where it's important to separate art from non-fiction. Sure, this is Lambert likely describing the end of her marriage to Blake Shelton (or perhaps her relationship with Anderson East), but listening through that set of headphones robs you of the chance to wear the song for yourself.

If you've ever been the "it couple" with a secret set of demons haunting you, your heart will break during the final verse when she cries out, "I tried to stand by my man / We were making plans / We were making plans!"

"Got My Name Changed Back" is the single and is going to not only steal headlines but shape how we hear "Masterpiece." That's a bummer because the song — a signature cut from the trio's upcoming Interstate Gospel album — is less about two celebrities breaking up than it is a broken down woman dealing with it. Lambert's Pistol Annies bandmates Ashley Monroe and Angaleena Presley mostly hang back and let her shine on this song.

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