The parents of a West Point cadet who died last week won the right to harvest his sperm.

Twenty-one-year-old Peter Zhu of California was seriously injured in an accident at the military academy's ski slope on Feb. 23 and declared brain dead. He died from his injuries on Thursday.

On Friday, his parents asked a judge Friday to allow the family to retrieve his sperm before his organs were donated. The family said Peter is the only male child in the Zhu family and the family name would die if they couldn't secure Peter's sperm, NBC News reports.

"We are desperate to have a small piece of Peter that might live on and continue to spread the joy and happiness that Peter bought to all of our lives," the parent's wrote filing in state court in Westchester County, according to NBC News.

The judge granted the parents wish to retrieve the sperm and ordered it be stored pending future court hearings.

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