Whether you are going away on vacation or just for a quick weekend, packing can be tricky. It comes down to knowing what and how to pack for the trip. This is an ability that has eluded me on every get away I've ever planned. What will the weather be like? I then pack for any and all weather. Will I need jeans or a dress? So I pack both. And so on, you see how I can easily over pack without even trying.

I have always wanted to be one of those people who could just buy it when I get there. Of course I would still have to pack it to bring it home, but I am pretty sure that would be easier that packing for a trip from my own closet. How have I come to this conclusion? Simple, the challenge of packing isn't really how to make it all fit. It is about what to take with you. If you just wait to buy what you need when you get where you are going, you will only have to pack what you bought. Only what you needed. That has to be less, right? It wouldn't be possible to over pack which is my problem. I end up packing everything on the off chance I am going to want it with me at some point and then wish I had packed it. I guess at that point if it wasn't packed I could just go get what ever it is, but doesn't that just bring me back to "get it when you get there"? Confused yet?

So for my weekend get away this month I have decided I am only going to pack the necessities. I am actually going to try "just buy it there" if I need it. I might over shop but at least I won't over pack. Now I just need a big empty suitcase.

PS - Never pack with your pets in the room, that's a whole different blog.