Police in Orange County are willing to help make a child's birthday during the COVID-19 pandemic one they may never forget.

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The City of Middletown Police Department wrote on Facebook, what many are thinking, "we’ve all learned pretty quickly that social distancing is not really all that fun."

Most adults understand why New Yorkers are practicing social distancing and the importance of helping to flatten the curve. But for some children, it's not easy for them to understand why they can't play with their close friends or see their family members.

It's even tougher if that young child has a birthday and can't celebrate their birthday with friends and family. So, the City of Middletown Police Department is trying to help make a child's birthday special, even during this coronavirus pandemic.

"A birthday is a pretty big milestone in the life of a child, and not being able to celebrate really stinks!! We’d like to help change that....if your child has a birthday coming up, we’d like you to let us know so that we can arrange for our officers to drive-by with lights and sirens, to wish them a big happy birthday from a safe distance," the City of Middletown Police Department wrote on Facebook.

Police say they will also drop off a free coloring book and an honorary police badge to help mark the occasion.

Anyone who's interested in scheduling a birthday drive-by should contact Sergeant Jackie Welch of the Community Policing Unit at jwelch@middletownpolice.com.

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