A proposition is on the table in Albany to lower the legal blood-alcohol limit for drinking and driving from .08 to .05. According to The Daily Freeman, Assemblyman Felix Oritiz proposed the bill earlier this month. While this is not law it could have a major effect on NY residents if passed.

I expect this to be hugely up for debate among anyone who is asked. The reasoning behind lowering the legal drinking limit is to save lives according to Ortiz. That sounds like a no brainer but there may be a monetary motivation for the proposed bill. Getting a DUI is a costly lesson some drivers have learned the hard way.

If you are worried about blowing more than .05 after leaving a bar, the one drink per hour rule could still help you since that averages a BAC of .02 for most adults. But if you stop for a quick beer that turns into three within an hour, you could be over .06 and not even realize it yet.

Regardless of whether you agree with the proposed law, drinking and driving is dangerous and alternative methods of transportation should be considered even before you make the decision to stop anywhere for a a few drinks.

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