Recently I came across a dictionary at a yard sale. It is from 1965. It is unabridged. It weighs nearly 4 pounds and is 4 1/2 inches thick. The print is really small and the pages are paper thin. The discovery of this book got me thinking. Every year words are added and removed from the English Dictionary. Every year someone decides words are worthy or unworthy of being included in the dictionary.

You may recall a few weeks back we had on this very web site a list of words that people wanted other people to stop using in 2015. So I got thinking who officially decides what words stay and what words go and what it the reasoning behind taking a word out of the dictionary, other than it would be too big to carry.

So I googled what words were removed from the dictionary in 2015 and I found this very official video that does a great job of explaining why some words are no longer in the printed dictionary. Lucky for us though they remain online. Check it out.

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