Ever dealt with an inconsiderate neighbor who leaves a mess wherever they go? One New York state couple knows about this all too well, though the reason behind this big mess may be a bit more personal. It's bad enough to have someone rudley toss something out their window as they drive by your property. Who wants to have to pick up a greasy old bag of potato chips or a nasty cigarette butt? But what if they did it every single day? For almost three years? Something is up.

AP News is reporting that Edward and Cheryl Patton began to notice something rather odd, when a bunch of used coffee cups began appearing in their front yard. It had been happening every day, so this couldn't be just a coincidence. Was there a serial litterer on the loose who was purposely targeting the Lake View couple? The Pattons even told the Buffalo News that they put up a camera in one of their trees to catch the java jerkoff, but to no avail.

But as it turns out, a couple of their neighbors noticed a minivan drive by the Patton's. Thinking something was off, they were able to get the license plate and notify authorities. When police found the minivan, they discovered the 76 year-old driver, who had actually been an ex-coworker of Cheryl Patton  Seems this dispute went back years between the two, when they worked together. It appears that the 76 year-old man decided to take out his frustrations over old work disagreements by tossing old coffee cups into the Patton's front lawn for almost three years.

Had he not been caught, who knows how long the feud would have raged on? The couple says the littering has stopped since the older man was busted. The man was then charged with harassment and ticketed for throwing refuse onto a roadway.

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