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New York State has officially banned the sale of harmful products that contain flame retardant chemicals.

Gov. Hochul has officially signed the Family and Fire Prevention Act.

Products that contain flame retardant chemicals are confirmed dangerous and are now banned from being sold. Along with this new ban, a bill related to other elements of legislation also bans the sale of products that have toxic chemicals that are being used as retardants. 

Where are these toxic chemicals found?

They can be found in mattresses, furniture, and more.

Some may wonder if their couch could increase their risk of cancer. These toxic flame retardants can be used in couches, chairs, and more. Flame retardants have also been found in that foam piece within the furniture and some baby products.

The chemicals in flame retardants can also be referred to as volatile and semi-volatile. With this being said, if they become airborne, they could then collect on dust particles that eventually we breathe in.

These products were once used with the idea to slow down an event of fire however, more recently, it's been shown how they, in fact, aren't effective. In addition, they pose a threat and could lead to a variety of health issues. The ones who could receive the most side effects would be first responders who use this chemical.

What can we do to protect ourselves from these harmful chemicals?

Most importantly, try to keep your space dust-free. By vacuuming, dusting, and mopping, it decreases the chance of dust build-up since the flame retardants can be released and then into the air from upholstered furniture. Try to avoid any exposure to the foam stuffing in old couches by repairing or replacing furniture.

Lastly, you can make careful, "green" decisions about what you choose to bring into your home to be safe.

What do you consider to be harmful household items? Share with us below.

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