The entire country is on the lookout for the "Dollar Store Grandpa Bandit." Turns out the elderly thief may be from the Hudson Valley. Do you know him?

Police across the nation are following leads as they hunt down an old man who keeps ripping of Dollar Tree stores.Town of North Greenbush police near Troy have been on the case ever since the man hit a local Dollar Tree store in their jurisdiction and have compiled a detailed account of the grandpa's path across the country.

It turns out the man has a very specific pattern. He almost always hits Dollar Tree stores, entering the establishment near closing time and brandishing a weapon. He then instructs all of the employees to give him their cellphones so they can't call for help and makes them empty the cash registers and safe before forcing them into a back room so he can escape.

Interestingly enough, the nationwide crime spree started right here in the Hudson Valley. In what's believed to be the old man's first robbery, the grandpa bandit knocked over the Dollar Tree in Fishkill on December 29. Because of this, it's quite possible the man could actually be from our area and used the Fishkill robbery as his first test. Since the robbery was successful, the man may have decided to continue across country on his crime spree.

After the first robbery in Fishkill the bandit has hit Dollar Tree stores in North Greenbush, NY; Madison Township, MI; Manitowoc, WI; Lincoln, NE (a Dollar General); American Fork, UT; Coeur d’Alene, ID; and Cheyenne, WY.

Facebook/Town of North Greenbush Police Department

Chief Robert J Durivage from the North Greenbush police says,

We are working closely with the FBI and our law enforcement partners in each of the other communities where these crimes have occurred... From all the evidence thus far, we believe the same person has committed most if not all of these robberies. In addition to displaying a handgun, the suspect has also displayed a stun-gun type weapon and pepper spray. He should be considered armed and dangerous.

The grandpa is described as a white male, 50-65 years of age, approximately 5’ 10” to 6’ tall, weighing about 200 pounds. He has white or light color, neatly trimmed hair worn short and has a mustache. He is also believed to be driving a newer model silver or gray Dodge Charger with a rear spoiler and no front license plate.

This sketch of the man was released soon after the Fishkill robbery.

NY State Police

The FBI is setting up a national tips hotline and we will update this story when it's been established. Until then, if you happen to know the Dollar Store Grandpa Bandit you're urged to call local authorities.