Spring has sprung and mother nature has blessed us with her beauty.

It's been so nice to wake up and see green grass, blue skies, and flowers budding on the trees. Spring is one of my favorite seasons and it's comforting to watch new lives beginning in nature.

Our gardens will soon be flourishing in the Hudson Valley.

As everything starts to wake up, we get to also take part in bringing things to life again. Soon enough, there will be flowers, fruits, or vegetables in our gardens. The trees will be full and green and the dandelions will be ever more present, especially after all the rain that the Hudson Valley has had.

I came across a mysterious plant in the Hudson Valley.

Allison Kay
Allison Kay

As I explored all of this new life, I also came across something growing all throughout the grass. However, this is something that I have noticed in previous years but have seen a lot more of this spring.

At first, I was cautious and did not want to go near this mysterious plant. I couldn't tell if it was poison ivy or not by the looks of it.

Is this unidentified plant poison ivy?

Allison Kay
Allison Kay

Thankfully, dads always come to the rescue, what would the world be without them? My dad reassured me that this plant is considered to be a weed and is not in the poison ivy family. However, the question remains, what is the name of this mysterious plant/weed?

I researched so many different plants and weeds and cannot find this unknown plant. Plant enthusiasts may know exactly what we are talking about.

Hudson Valley plant enthusiasts are being asked to help identify this unknown plant.

attachment-IMG_5324 (1)

I'm also wondering why this plant is spreading throughout the Hudson Valley even more so. 

Have you ever seen this plant before? Do you know anything about it? Share with us below

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