It's the week of Christmas and all through the Hudson Valley people are stressing out.

I've been so stressed about Christmas this weekend that I feel like the world is spinning. Plus, as seen yesterday in my post, all I feel like I'm eating is Christmas cookies. Seriously they are all over the studio, which I can't really complain about but I feel the sugar rush every day.

So taking a step back from sugar and stress, I figured I'd share something that helps me de-stress during the holidays. Obviously, I'm talking about Christmas movies. Below you will find my top five Christmas movie go to's. Some of them may surprise you.

5) Just Friends- It doesn't sound like a Christmas movie, but it takes place during the holiday season and it's absolutely hilarious. Plus, Ryan Reynolds and Anna Farris are in it.

4. White Christmas- It's a classic and I always have it on a some point. But I don't think I've watched it full through. I still don't know the whole story line, doesn't mean it doesn't get me in the holiday spirit.

3) Fred Claus- This movie makes no sense, but it's Vince Vaugh acting like Santa Claus so really you don't want to miss it.

2) The Holiday- One could argue that this is better than Love Actually, because it is. Talk about a perfect holiday rom-com.

1) Holiday In Handcuffs- This is my absolute favorite Christmas movie. It sounds kinky, but I promise it's family friendly. It's an original from ABC Family starring Mario Lopez and Melissa Joan Heart.

Have you heard of any of these movies? There some of my favorites and I hope you can enjoy them this Christmas season.




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