Thanksgiving is one of the greatest holidays every year. We all gather with our families, friends and other loved ones and we celebrate being thankful for what we have and all of the great things to come. When it comes to celebrating the actual day, we EAT and we eat, then we eat some more; before you know it you and everyone else around you are knocked out cold on the couch. Which by the way, there's nothing but football on all day.

The thing is though, despite how much we eat, leftovers are sill going to be there. Even after you send everyone home with a container of leftovers, you will STILL have leftovers. Don't worry though, we've got some great ideas for everyone to try to aid in getting rid of those leftovers.

Homemade Roasted Thanksgiving Day Turkey with all the Sides

You Can Do A Lot With Potatoes

In conducting this Thanksgiving leftover a research, many things were learned. For starters, you can so many things with potatoes and two ideas here stuck out the most. For starters we have "Turkey & Potato Croquettes". Size of the croquettes can differ based on preference, however, it will not change the fact that you are literally eating "Thanksgiving in a Ball". Add in some leftover gravy and or cranberry sauce for dipping and you will be set.

The potato based idea that stood out most though by far is "Mashed Potato Pizza". I'm honestly ashamed I've never attempted to make this creation myself before, Thanksgiving leftovers or not. It doesn't need an explanation. You make pizza and replace the usual tomato sauce with mashed potatoes. Throw on some mozzarella cheese and some bacon and you've very simply taken pizza to a new level.


You Can Turn Thanksgiving Into Breakfast

Some may not be fond of the idea about having what you had for Thanksgiving dinner in the morning for breakfast, however these ideas may change your mind. This first idea is incredibly simple and stuffing lovers will love this; Stuffing Waffles are on the menu for breakfast. It's literally as simple as get the stuffing, add a couple eggs to the stuffing, mix it and put in a waffle iron. That's literally it.

We also have Turkey Frittatas' for your morning after turkey bash. This is yet another simple idea: Take some onion's and your choice of peppers and cook them in a pan, add in some potatoes and leftover turkey, then add in your egg mixture and cook and the eggs get puffy. By the way, it is acceptable to have breakfast for lunch or dinner as well.

Thanksgiving Turkey
Photo by Claudio Schwarz on Unsplash

The Greatest Answer to Leftover Problems

When Thanksgiving is over and you've awoken from your turkey coma's, the thought of leftovers might take you out completely. However, there is one ultimate way to dispose of your leftovers and that is...the Thanksgiving Sandwich. No sources needed for this one; you start with getting yourself a couple slices of bread, and in-between the bread you are stacking layers of Thanksgiving. Turkey, potatoes, stuffing, gravy and whatever else you prefer all get slapped together to create the Thanksgiving Sandwich.

You can find many more Thanksgiving leftover ideas here.

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