Mother's Day is next Sunday, May 12th and I'm stressing.  It's always been a day to show appreciation to mom and my wife and I for the past 5 years have always catered to my mother-in-law, but this year is a bit different.

Yes we're still going to make it special for her because she does a lot for us but it's not the most important thing for me that day.  It's my wife's first Mother's Day and I feel like I need to make it extra special.  Baby girl is only 8 months but of course she'll get something for mommy, but I'm stressing because I have no idea what I should get her.

There are things like memorable keepsakes with baby, baby and mommy and family stuff on them.  There are simple things like yearly plants, etc but I can't really figure out what specifically.  I could do a spend the day at the spa but she told me she wants to spend it with the baby.  I thought about lunch but then, if she went with the baby, she'd have to spend most of the time making sure the baby was taken care of and me going with them defeats the purpose.

I'll probably do a simple, memorable gift and take them out to dinner and maybe offer to take care of the baby for the day but it just doesn't seem like enough.

Maybe I'm just over thinking it.   Am I?

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