More weather experts believe the Hudson Valley will receive significantly more snow this winter.

On Wednesday, Hudson Valley Weather released its "Preliminary Winter Outlook," and it brought good news if you like snow but bad news if you dread snow.

Hudson Valley Weather is predicting snowfall will be "average to slightly above average" this winter. But, compared to last winter we should see a lot more snow.

Poughkeepsie on average sees 43.7 inches of snow each winter. Last year, Poughkeepsie only saw 31.5 inches of snow. Hudson Valley Weather is forecasting 45 to 55 inches of snow for the upcoming winter.

"If this season reaches its full potential, we wouldn’t be surprised to exceed the high end of our forecast range," Hudson Valley Weather wrote. "We do believe that the storm tracks will be further east than last winter… leading to more snow events, and less wintry mix events than we saw last winter."

The website does warn, "Seasonal snowfall is notoriously difficult to project."

Temperatures should be normal or slightly below normal this winter, according to Hudson Valley Weather.

"The front half of the winter looks milder, with the back half of the winter looking more likely to be colder than average," Hudson Valley Weather said.

AccuWeather and The Farmers' Almanac both previously predicted the Hudson Valley and Tri-State area will see lots of snow and cold this winter.

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