I have been a City of Poughkeepsie resident for over 25 years now. This is a city that sits right on the mighty Hudson River, has beautiful old houses and mansions, is centrally located, yet still it falls short. Part of the problem may be that certain areas of the city could use a good cleaning. There are some neighborhoods that have the potential to look so much better, but the streets are full of litter and garbage. Some areas have no neighborhood pride. Hopefully, that will change.

Every change has to start somewhere, and there is a community group in Poughkeepsie that will be taking that first step on Saturday, June 12 from 10AM - 12PM. And you can join in.  Community Matters 2, Inc. and Changepoint Church have teamed up for a huge cleanup in multiple areas of the City of Poughkeepsie. This is a clean up where all participants will have a designated team that they will be a part of. The goal is to clean multiple sites in Poughkeepsie that have issues with garbage and trash. 

I’ve always felt that if each homeowner or renter just went outside of their own dwelling and spent five or seven minutes cleaning up once or twice a week, we could keep the city looking pretty clean. Unfortunately, not everybody seems to be on board with that plan. Which is why these community clean-up days are so important to Poughkeepsie.

If you’re like me, a city resident that still has high hopes of making Poughkeepsie the majestic city it once was, spread the word about this clean-up. Join in if you can. You can get more information and sign up right here. It may take more than a day, but it’s a start, And everything with a happy ending has to start somewhere.

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