The death of 26-year-old rapper Mac Miller, who was the former boyfriend of pop singer Ariana Grande, called forth a variety of stunned responses from fellow artists in the music world—country's Maren Morris among them, who tweeted her condolences to his family and friends early on in the day Sept. 7.

A bit later in the day, however, Morris—who is not known for holding her tongue when it comes to internet trolls—decided to make a statement regarding those who were cruelly pointing fingers toward Grande for his death. And, true to form—Morris is known for being quite astute with social media statements—her words were on the mark.

"To those trolling AG," she wrote. "You aren't making yourself feel better. You aren't solving anything. You're just one of thousands mobbing someone who's grieving, just like you. Except they actually knew this person and you didn't."

Morris has a history of fearlessly (and articulately) taking on internet bullies who have prodded at her in the past, be it for suggesting she had breast augmentation surgery, or that her outfits are too revealing. She's also a backer of the "Time's Up" movement, which gave a voice to women harassed as part of their careers.

"I'm just really over the way some people have no problem acting disrespectful and shaming women," she told Billboard. It's not surprising she would be quick and effective in defending Grande in this situation.

Grande split with Miller in May, and is now engaged to comedian Pete Davidson. Both she and Davidson put restrictions on their social media following the rapper's death, which was allegedly from a drug overdose.

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