Many people woke up Tuesday morning thinking they might be under attack. What was all of the noise about and why were fighter jets flying over Hudson Valley homes?

Is there anything worse than waking up before your alarm goes off? How about waking up to a jet plane racing over your house at low altitude?

One woman posted on Facebook, "Heard loud whoosh sounds in Pok. around 10:30 - 11. Anyone else?"

The status got over 80 responses from other people who heard a similar noise.

Several people throughout the Hudson Valley reported hearing a loud jet and even low flying helicopters on Tuesday morning. According to comments on the Facebook post, the sound was heard in Somers, Rhinebeck, Amenia, Kingston, Poughkeepsie and even New Paltz. The sounds were also reports to be heard in Connecticut.

Video captured by one Hudson Valley resident proved that the sound came from a very fast jet.

With all of the constant UFO sightings throughout the Hudson Valley you'd think that whoever is responsible would warn us ahead of time. The Hudson Valley is absolute hotbed for UFO activity and it seems like it's been picking up lately.

We haven't confirmed who was behind the flyover but speculation on the post points to National Guard training.

Did you hear any loud noises over your house before noon on Tuesday? If you caught and identified what kind of jets they were let us know. If you don't have any idea we may have to reach out to Mulder and Scully.

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