This morning's traffic issues have nothing to do with snow or ice. It's a loose pony that's backing up the road.

This month has not been great for Hudson Valley commuters. With feet of snow falling on local roads and this week's freezing rain, just getting to work on time can be a major accomplishment.

On Wednesday a different type of obstacle was backing up traffic and causing delays for some confused commuters in the Hudson Valley. Traffic reporter Nancy Reamy even did a double-take when reporting that a pony was the cause of some early morning backups.

We're used to fender benders, broken down vehicles and even the occasional deer turning a normal commute into a frustrating mess. But it's not every day that a pony is the cause of mayhem on the road.

Police activity in Milbrook was slowing traffic on the eastbound side of Shunpike Road at West Meadow Lane just before 7am on Wednesay. It seems that a pony had become loose and was resisting the efforts of law enforcement to recapture it. The pony is just the latest animal that's been making headlines in the Hudson Valley this month.

Recently, a pair of peacocks made a splash in Kingston after being spotted around the city. In the past, cows and horses have also been the cause of major traffic delays in the Hudson Valley.

As of 8am the situation was finally "under control." After safely corralling the pony, authorities say that they expect traffic to return to normal soon.

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