There's really nothing at Sonic that I don't like but I've got admit that this one definitely raises a few questions on my end. Will be this be the perfect mix of sweet and salty?

Sonic is some high end fast food. I mean come on, they actually bring the food to your car. Sonic is a treat with because of its rarity. The fact that there aren't that many around make it that much better. Anywhere that you can get tater tots as a side is an awesome place in my book.

Pickles on white background

The other thing that makes a trip to the speedy fast food joint is there strange drink flavors and your ability to mix and match any kind syrups in your soda.

According to the Foodbeast, This summer Sonic will introduce the controversial pickle slush.

The slush will be a sweet and salty pickle brine flavor. Not only can you get it in a slush but you'll also be able to add it to any soda that they carry. Who wants a pickle and vanilla Pepsi?

This drink may be the ultimate hangover cure.

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