If you have animals in your home chances are you have an emergency plan that includes their safety as well as your own. Now, if you live in the Kingston Fire District your pet has one more life saving piece of equipment available in case of a fire. The Kingston Fire Department announced today through the Kingston Professional Firefighters Association, IAFF Local 461 facebook page that they now have Pet Oxygen Mask Kits.

Keeping pets safe in case of a fire can be tricky. Check with your local fire department on how you should mark your house to notify an emergency service person arriving to your property that a pet might be inside your home. Witnessing any animal in distress can be traumatic and leave even the most trained professionals feeling helpless that is why this addition to equipment is so important.

The Pet Oxygen Mask Kit that the Kingston Fire Departments carry with them include three different sized masks which will enable them to provide oxygen to a variety of pets include birds, cats, plus large and small breed dogs. It also includes a leash and emergency care forms. Kingston firefighters will also have access to emergency care training which includes CPR for both cats and dogs.

The kit that the Kingston Firefighters will be using was acquired through assistance from the Ulster COunty Department of Emergency Services and the County Executive. If this something you would like your fire department to look into adding to their equipment inquiry at the firehouse on how you could help them acquire funding. Invisible Fence has a program called project breathe which has been set up to help get donations for kits.


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