Lauren Alaina has often said that "Three," off of her sophomore album, Road Less Traveledis her favorite song that she's ever written, so when it came time to make a music video, it was important to her to do the song justice. The song looks back at the times she missed with her family, boyfriend and friends in pursuit of her dream, and meditates on the reasons why she keeps going in her country career.

"My family, fans and boyfriend are all a part of the video, and they are all a part of the reason I wrote the song," Alaina states in a press release. "We all sacrifice something or lots of somethings for our dreams. I'm almost always away from my friends and family, but they support me and want me to be on that stage. When I'm traveling on the road and gone for long periods of time, my fans are always there singing my lyrics back to me and making my dreams come true."

The lyric video alters between shots of Nashville and the road with scenes of home, including photographs of Alaina and her family as a child. There's also a road side reading "Home" with a corresponding mile number that gets larger and larger as the video progresses and Alaina's career grows.

Family is clearly an importance piece of Alaina's life: She's been documenting her family's experience of battling her stepdad's cancer, and makes it a point to do everything possible to support him, as well as address the fans whose lives have been touched by cancer, too.

Although the "Three" video is bittersweet, the country singer stresses that even though she misses spending time in her hometown with the people who are most important to her, it's worth it to have her career in country music for the sake of her fans, and especially for the 3-year-old girls in towns across the country singing Alaina's songs into a hairbrush, dreaming of being onstage themselves someday.

"All I've ever wanted from the age of three was to write songs and sing them to people," Alaina continues. "The people in this video helped make that happen for me. 'Six years of missing home, but I'd spend 50 more gone for three minutes on the radio.'"

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