The town of Hyde Park is a bit on edge after a Bobcat was seen trotting through backyards.

We don't see them often but it's no surprise that there was a Bobcat sighting. The Hudson Valley is filled with wild life, in the past few weeks we have had several bear sightings and with the weather getting warmer we've even seen some snakes slither their way out to say hello. The Town of Hyde Park police department released a video of the Bobcat sighting and warns the public to be vigilant if you do see a Bobcat or any other wild life.

With that being said,  I'm pretty sure I saw this exact bobcat on Sunday. I was driving home from Rhinebeck when the wild cat shot out in front of my car. I even tweeted about it because it terrified me at the time.

For some reason, no one believed me. So I made a reenactment video, to explain what exactly went down. This is what it looked like:




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