I am now in full blown Halloween mode.

This weekend I took a road trip up to Massachusetts to visit my friends who just moved out that way. We figured, since it's October and it finally  felt like fall, we knew we had to go to Salem, Massachusetts.

The site of the historic Salem Witch Trials is booming this time of year and there were thousands of people out and about. I didn't partake in getting dressed up but there were a ton of people dressed as demons, vampires and of course witches.

The most popular costume was obviously the Sanderson Sisters from the wildly popular movie Hocus Pocus.

At one point, after a few pumpkin beers, I saw some fantastic costumes and just had to take a picture with them:


I got a message from one of my friends that said the ladies in costume are from the Hudson Valley! So if you know them, tell them I absolutely loved their costumes.

If you're thinking about heading up to Salem in the next couple of weeks, just know that it will be packed. There will be a line everywhere you go and a wait over an hour. It's worth it though.

You'll see some familiar houses, like Alison's from Hocus Pocus (we didn't have time to see the Dennison house):


Alison House

The famous Witch House:

witch house

And the graves of those who were sentence to death after being accused of witchcraft:

Sarah Goode

Plan your Salem trip accordingly, you'll be walking a ton. And just so you know, it gets real spooky after the sun goes down.

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