The New York Giants lose and Jess gets the bucket of ice water over her head!

On Friday during the CJ in the morning show Jess and I decided to put a little wager on the Giants/Cowboys game. Jess had the Giants and I had my beloved Cowboys, the loser of the game would have to take a 5 gallon bucket of ice water over the head.

If you missed it last night the Cowboys beat the Giants 19-3 and Jess took the ice bucket like a champion...

She is definitely a woman of her word. I have to say, she has earned my respect for not backing out and yes the same wager will made when the Cowboys and Giants get ready to face each other again in December.

The ice bucket challenge was a really big deal like 3 years ago and was done to help raise money and awareness for ALS. If you are interested in make a donation to ALS, check out their website and if you can make plans to be apart of the ALS walk that set for the Walkway Over the Hudson on Sunday October 15th.

Bonus Video: Frolic Friday

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