In case you didn't know, it's snowing outside.

Winter Storm Stella arrived in the Hudson Valley in the wee hours of Tuesday morning, making for a super fun commute. Well, a commute for some.There was a State of Emergency declared yesterday and a blizzard warning in effect until later today. Most, if not all, local schools, organizations and businesses are closed today.  You know what doesn't close on days like today? Radio stations.

I got up extra early today and started up my car. Cleaned off the 2 inches that had already accumulated at 4:30am and headed out to the Wolf studio. A normally 10 minute drive took me about 25 minutes. Which isn't too bad, but nerve-wracking to say the least. Route 9 in Poughkeepsie was plowed and the snow wasn't too heavy at that point, it has yet to be seen how the ride home will be. Come along with my on my early morning journey to the Wolf studio during Winter Storm Stella.

I drove drove during the storm so you don't have to. Stay home today folks, it's nasty out there.

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