In the spirit of International Women's Day on Monday (March 8), Jana Kramer informed her social media of a deeply personal decision she's made: To get a breast lift and augmentation surgery.

"I have been insanely hesitant on sharing this because, honestly, I'm afraid of the reactions," Kramer writes on Instagram, alongside a snap of herself. "... I considered not saying anything, but then it just would have felt inauthentic, and well, you might be noticing a difference. So, here goes."

The singer says that breast augmentation and lift surgery is something she's been considering for years, admitting that she's struggled with body insecurity surrounding her breasts all her life. In fact, she even recalls a time back in junior high school when a boy teased her for being "flat as a board."

But Kramer wants to make one thing clear: Her decision to undergo surgery is a personal one that has nothing to do with what anybody else thinks.

"I wanted to be open about WHY. First off, because 'I' want to. That right there should be enough. But I feel like I need to explain the 'I' part," she writes.

In the past, Kramer says, she felt drawn to the idea of breast augmentation surgery for the wrong reasons, such as when she and her husband, former NFL player Mike Caussin, weathered Caussin's cheating scandal and even briefly separated in 2016.

"With everything that happened in my marriage, I thought I would be loved more, sexier, or quite frankly, he would choose me. But the better part of me knew that was a distraction," Kramer explains, adding that giving birth to her two children brought a whole new element of body insecurity and anxiety.

"Things didn't go back to normal, and I carry a lot of embarrassment when I'm undressed. I don't want to feel that way anymore," she continues. "That was the 'click' that showed I should follow through. Before, it's what I thought someone else wanted. Now it's simple.

"Bottom line, I'm choosing myself, I'm choosing my size, I'm choosing what's right for me. I know a woman's body is beautiful no matter what shape or size but I want this," Kramer writes.

The singer concludes her message to fans by inviting them to celebrate her choice with her, and offering to reciprocate the support for any woman making choices that are right for herself, no matter what those choices might be. "No one knows what's in another woman's head. Or for that matter, under their shirt," she adds. "So do what's right for you, and I'll celebrate with you, too."

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