The warmer months in the Hudson Valley bring us more outdoor activities. We can now enjoy outdoor dining, concerts, events and shows along with the return of drive in movie theaters.

Some of our favorite, local businesses have also reopened their outdoor dining options to enjoy along with live music.

A popular business in Sullivan County, NY made an announcement that they reopened and have been welcoming back their loyal customers. 

Popular Hudson Valley Eatery, Performance & Event Venue Reopens

A fan favorite eatery, performance and event venue has reopened in Sullivan County, NY on Thursday, May 25, 2024.

Preserve New York State shared that this historical site was built in the 1880's and was once a pump house for an oil pipeline in the 1870's.

Guests visit this hidden gem to enjoy the unique setting in a relaxed atmosphere.

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What Historical Information Highlights The Cochecton Pump House?

The Cochecton Pump House is located in Cochecton, NY. Its historical past is a reminder of how history can live on throughout time.

They mentioned that the Cochecton Pump House

"located in the Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreation River, is a restaurant and event space owned by Dave Lieber and Jin Zhang."

Known for being an open air venue in the Hudson Valley, this location continues to bring live entertainment to the area along with beer, wine and delicious food menu options.

On Facebook, it shares that their hours of operation are Friday from 5pm until 10pm, Saturday from 12pm until 10pm and Sunday from 12pm until 9pm.

Additional information about the Cochecton Pump House can be found on their website and social media platforms.

How Can You Pronounce Cochecton Correctly?

The Town of Cochecton shared,

"Previous writings indicate that Cochecton was either the first or the second permanent settlement in Sullivan County."

When I arrived in Cochecton, NY I was trying to figure out how to properly pronounce it until I did further research. 

According to How To Pronounce.Com, Cochecton, NY could be pronounced as Cuh-Shek-Ton or Cow-Shek-Ton.

How would you pronounce Cochecton? Have you ever been to the Cochecton Pump House? Tell us more below.

Cochecton Pump House

7895 NY-97, Cochecton, NY 12726

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