Weather experts warn it's going to be a brutally hot summer with more hurricanes than normal.

Summer 2024 May Be 'Hottest In Recorded History'


The Farmer's Almanac states in its 2024 summer forecast that this summer "may bring the hottest temperatures in recorded history!"

In 2023, they correctly predicted the Summer of 2023 " may be the hottest summer this century."

On top of the heat, it appears New York will deal with more hurricanes than normal.

Above-Average Hurricane Activity Near New York This Summer


The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is predicting above-normal hurricane activity in the Atlantic this year.

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"The above-normal prediction is based on projected La Niña activity in the Pacific, which weakens wind shear and enhances atmospheric instability, leading to optimal hurricane conditions," the NOAA states in its prediction.

The 2024 Hurricane season started in June and lasts until November.

Up To 25 Named Storms, 6 Major Hurricanes Expected In Atlantic Ocean


Weather experts predict there will be 17 to 25 named storms in the Atlantic Ocean this hurricane season.

Of those, eight to 13 are predicted to become hurricanes and four to six are expected to "reach major hurricane” status of at least Category 3 ranking."

Is your name on the 2024 hurricane list? Find out the names for this year below what items you should pack.

Make An Emergency Plan Now

Hurricane Florence Likely To Strike East Coast With Damaging Effect
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On the heels of the 2024 Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook, officials from the Hudson Valley say now is the time to stock up on critical supplies. Not when severe weather is about to hit.

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Below are the recommended items to pack:

Your hurricane emergency kit: what to pack

Gallery Credit: Sophia Laico

Critical supplies include items like flashlights, batteries, medicine, water and nonperishable foods. Residents should have a go bag ready in case they have to evacuate on short notice.

The 2023 hurricane season produced 20 named storms, that's the 4th highest since 1950, according to the NOAA.

Is Your Name on the 2024 Hurricane Names List

Learn the 21 Storm Names for the 2024 Hurricane Season in Texas

June brings the official start of summer. June also brings with it the start of hurricane season. Let's learn the 21 names for this year's storms.

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25 costliest hurricanes of all time

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