Where do you go for the best Chinese food near your home? Did your favorite New York eatery make the list?

When it comes to Chinese food there's no shortage of restaurants across the Hudson Valley or New York State.

Best Chinese Food In Hudson Valley

tray filled with food inside the self service Chinese restaurant

But, where can you get the best? That is a very debated issue. I'm sure if you polled your family and friends for the best Chinese food in the Hudson Valley you'd get many answers.

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My personal favorite is Green Garden. Which has locations in Newburgh, Fishkill and Wappingers Falls.


Yelp highlights 10 other Chinese eateries across the Hudson Valley:

Palace Dumplings in Wappingers Falls.

Chan's Peking in Poughkeepsie.

Kai's Chinese Kitchen in Pawling

Oriental Kitchen in Hopewell Junction

Tso's Asian Cuisine in Hopewell Junction

Kai's Kitchen in Kingston

Kiki's Restaurant in Goshen

Kiernan's Pub and Tavern in Pine Bush

Tai Fu in Middletown

QQ Asian Bistro in New Windsor

Dutchess Co. Restaurant Gets Death Threats Over Popular Menu Item
Mill House Brewing Company

Best Chinese Food In New York State

Love Food, The Daily Meal, and Eat This, Not That all recently named their best Chinese restaurants in America. 13 are found in New York State.

New York State: CHILI, New York City

Love Food believes Chili in New York City is where you can find the best Chinese food in the Empire State.

CHILI appears to have hit it out of the park right away. The eatery only just opened in 2021. The eatery has been getting rave reviews for its Sichuan cuisine and gorgeous setting.


"People particularly love the atmosphere and service, with waiting staff going above and beyond for customers. The food itself is phenomenal too, with diners wowed by dishes like spicy cumin lamb, truffle beef tenderloin, and tea-smoked duck," Love Food states about CHILI

New York State: Xi’an Famous Foods, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens

The Daily Meal and Eat This, Not That both believe Xi’an Famous Foods serves up the best Chinese food in all of New York State.

Xi'an Famous Foods has 12 locations across New York City. You can find restaurants in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens.


The Daily Meal and Eat This, Not That both recommend feasting on any of the hand-pulled noodle dishes, including the spicy cumin lamb, sliced lamb or the stewed pork burger.

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"Unlike your average beef patty on a bun, this handheld uses pork belly meat stewed in soy sauce with spices and herbs, diced and packed into a warm, crispy flatbread-like bun," The Daily Meal writes about the stewed pork burger from Xi'an Famous Foods
Read More: https://www.thedailymeal.com/eat/best-chinese-restaurant-every-state-gallery/

What Is The Oldest Chinese Restaurant In New York State?

Nom Wah Tea Parlor opened in 1920. This has the honor of being the oldest continuously running restaurant in the Chinatown of Manhattan in New York City.

The restaurant serves Hong Kong style dim-sum and is currently located at 13 Doyers Street in Manhattan."

Take the trip to New York City and enjoy. Here's a look at some of the amazing food:

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