Howe Caverns, Lake George and Saratoga Race Track are just a few of the iconic Upstate New York tourist attractions that have people from all over the northeast, the country and the world traveling to experience. According to Discover Upstate New York, Howe Caverns for example, is the second most visited natural attraction in the State with nearly 200,000 guests each year.

Recently, some folks, have been getting stranded at the show cave. Now Howe Caverns has issued a warning.

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When you make your plans to visit Howe Caverns in Schoharie County don't forget anything. Purchase your Traditional Tour tickets online, bring a light jacket as the cave is 52 degrees year round and wear sensible shoes. (no flip flops) One other thing you will need to plan is your ride back home.

DO NOT use public transportation to get to Howe Caverns. What many people don't realize is that a taxi, Lyft and Uber for examples could get you to the caverns, ONE WAY, but not be available to get you home.

Howe Caverns is close by when you are driving or taking a tour bus but for public transportation it's typically one way. This is the distance from these locations;

  • 40 miles from Albany
  • 45 miles from Cooperstown
  • 50 miles from Saratoga
  • 77 miles from Lake George

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