New York state remains one of the leading states in the country for reports of unidentified anomalous phenomena. What are these objects being seen high in the sky?

But while the state has a long history for sightings of alleged discs, orbs, and other unexplained airborne objects, you don't often hear about these things in the sky directly interacting with humans below. Many believe that such so-called encounters are the result of hoaxes, or perhaps just an overactive imagination.

However, one New York state resident recently made a very bold claim, as they said they witnessed a possible case of a close encounter of the fourth kind. A group called the Mutual UFO Network classifies this sort of encounter as an event "where a human is abducted by a UFO or its occupants."

New York State Resident Claims They Witnessed UFO Abduction Near Lake George

A number of people may dismiss the claim as preposterous, though the recent report to the National UFO Reporting Center claims they saw something described as "two white cubes" suddenly take two people "up into the sky" over upstate New York.

A New York state resident reported that the incident happened May 28, around 8:30 PM, near Lake George, NY.

The report says they saw two women walking down Schoolhouse Road, when all of a sudden, what they described as two white cubes appeared above, and "took them (the women) up into the sky" before disappearing. The wild claim says the "cubes" took one woman up first, before taking the other one up into the sky right after.

Other witnesses? 

The witness even says the alleged disappearance was also seen by a girl who was walking her dog around fifty yards away that evening.

The report to the NUFORC, written by the witness, even goes so far as to include parenthesis around the word women, as they insinuated that these people who were taken away may have been "beings", or something posing as humans.

A quick search to the Spot Crime page for the Lake George area does not include any new missing persons cases since 2020. There does not appear to be any recent police activity or press releases involving two missing woman, according to Google search.

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