Just a little over a month after a vehicle collided with a horse-drawn carriage in New York state, another crash has sent two Amish residents to the hospital with critical injuries, says officials.

According to 2020 numbers put together by the Amish Study, New York has over 21,000 Amish residents living in the state. This makes New York state fourth in the country for Amish people.

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Unfortunately, the ultra-Orthodox Amish world and the modern world can come in close proximity on the back roads of the state, resulting in fatal accidents.

Vehicle Allegedly Hits Back of Amish Buggy in Upstate New York

WSYR says the latest incident involves a Kia Sedona that allegedly hit an Amish buggy in central New York late Sunday morning. New York State Police said they were called to the crash between the car and the carriage in the Oswego County town of Mexico, New York.

State Police say a 66-year-old person from Oswego was driving on State Route 3 when they tried to pass the buggy that was traveling on the shoulder. Officials say the driver attempted to merge back into the lane when they saw another vehicle coming their way, and hit then the back of the buggy.

WSTM says that both the the 17 and 21-year-old passengers aboard the buggy were both transported to the hospital in critical condition.

Police said the driver of the KIA was also sent to the hospital, though their injuries are non-life threatening.

How to Share the Road with an Amish Horse and Buggy

Safely traveling in a community with an Amish population is a matter of remembering a few, quick tips to avoid a collision with a horse and buggy.

Gallery Credit: Cindy Campbell

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