A state route running through the Hudson Valley is gaining international attention for its humorous name.

Anyone driving around the Hudson Valley has probably noticed some peculiar street names. There's Sodom Road in Brewster, Butts Hollow Road in Dover Plains, Joe's Mother's Road in Hopewell, Hooker Avenue in Poughkeepsie and Boodle Hole Road in Accord.

While some of these street signs will instantly catch you off guard, a state route in the Hudson Valley contains a sly reference that has caught the attention of the Internet. Aside from causing lots of chuckles it's also garnered congratulations to the Department of Transportation for its wry sense of humor.

Google Maps
Google Maps

New York Highway Name Applauded For Being 'On The Nose'

A Facegroup group dedicated to peculiar road signs was buzzing this week over a photo someone shared from Newburgh, New York. The image is of the exit sign on I-84 in Newburgh towards Stewart Airport.

Those who saw the sign shared a good laugh over the fact that the highway leading to the airport is numbered "747". When construction of Drury Lane in Newburgh was completed in 2007, the new state route was given the number as a nod to the 747 airplanes that fly in and out of Stewart Airport. Many appreciated the thought that went into designating the highway in such an appropriate way.

A surprising number of people have written in from the Hudson Valley saying that they never put it together and are now kicking themselves for not getting the 747 reference.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Newburgh Route 747 Isn't the Only Humorous Highway Number

Commenters pointed out that while Roue 747 is clever, it's not the only roadway that has a humorous name. In Nashville, the beltway around the city is designated I-440. Musicians know that 440hz is the pitch to which musical instruments are tuned, an appropriate number for the highway that circles "Music City".

In Florida, it's not a road, but a peculiar area code that makes people chuckle once they make the connection. Those calling the Kennedy Space Center will note that the area code is 321, as in 3-2-1 blast off!

Much like Newburgh's Route to Stewart, a Montreal bus that runs express service to the airport is also numbered 747, a reference that has not been lost on many people who have ridden on it.

While maybe not quite as clever, these peculiar street names in the Hudson Valley are certainly head-turners:

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