Police and fire officials are investigating why a home collapsed in New York state Tuesday afternoon. Firefighters were on the scene after receiving calls from residents describing what they said sounded like an explosion nearby, says U.S. News & World Report.  

Building collapses can be brought on by a number of varying factors including; weather and the elements, construction mishaps, poor structural integrity, overall human error, and especially gas line leaks that can lead to explosions.

Last October, ABC7 had reported that a home in Thompson, New York exploded, injuring three people from the blast. New York State Police said that the cause of the explosion was the home's propane tank.

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Back in March, WBNG had reported that part of a residence exploded in Chemung County, when a large blast occurred inside a detached garage of the house. The Chemung County Sheriff's Office says the manufacturing of meth was the cause of the explosion.

Investigation Underway As to Why House Collapsed in New York  

The Post Standard says that a two-story home collapsed Tuesday afternoon in Syracuse. Some neighbors told officials that their homes shook from an apparent explosion, though a blast has not yet been confirmed by police.

Syracuse Fire Chief Michael Monds says that an investigation is ongoing to what caused the collapse to the one hundred-year-old house. Monds did say though that "responding firefighters also encountered downed power lines and a heavy odor of natural gas at the scene."

The Post Standard says that all 13 residents have been accounted for.

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