The oppressive heat and humidity experienced through New York has lead to some rather gross side effects at our area beaches. Some residents in parts of the Hudson Valley had been complaining of a natural gas smell emanating from some of the area lakes over the past week.

According to experts, the smell of gas was coming from a large algae bloom. Cyanobacteria algae blooms (or, blue green) can have a strong and distinctive odor, which some describe as smelling like "gasoline, septic or fishy", according to My Water Quality.

Lakes Closed in Westchester County 

ABC NY says that the Mohegan Colony Association Beach and the Mohegan Beach Park District are the latest lakes to have been shut down due to large amounts of algae. ABC had previously reported that some beaches in nearby Putnam County has also been shut down due to algae.

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Aside from warm water temperatures, ABC says that the lack of wind and high levels of phosphorus have also contributed to the blooms.

Doctors say that algae can release toxins which leads to skin, eye, and throat irritation and issues. ABC says that for the lakes to reopen, the algae must be completely eliminated from the water.

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Hudson Valley Weather says that the high heat and humidity will last towards the end of the week, though Thursday's humidity levels will be slightly lower. Friday will see temperatures heat up again, as a cold front will pass through the area bringing the chance for heavy afternoon thunderstorms.

Tip to Protect Pets from Summer Heat

With heat advisories in effect for a large portion of the country, now is the time to ensure you are prepared to keep your pets safe from the summer heat.

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