The Environmental Facilities Corporation Board of Directors has announced a substantial investment of over $300 million for crucial water infrastructure projects across New York State. This significant financial commitment aims to facilitate essential upgrades in municipalities, enhancing water quality and bolstering public health protections statewide.


This funding includes a diverse array of resources sourced from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL), State Revolving Funds (SRFs), and grants under the State’s Water Infrastructure Improvement Act (WIIA). These financial provisions will enable local governments to access low-cost financing and grants necessary for critical projects. These projects include upgrading outdated wastewater treatment facilities and implementing advanced technologies to combat emerging contaminants in drinking water sources.

New York Communities To Benefit

Communities across various counties, including Cayuga, Steuben, Nassau, and Sullivan, will benefit significantly from these investments. Projects range from wastewater treatment plant enhancements to the installation of advanced water treatment systems aimed at safeguarding water quality and supporting economic resilience.

This initiative underscores New York State's commitment to equitable access to clean water and sustainable development. By prioritizing infrastructure investments, the state not only aims to improve environmental conditions but also stimulate local economies through job creation and enhance community resilience.

Young Woman Drinking Water by Sea

Moving forward, additional funding phases under initiatives like the Environmental Bond Act of 2022 will further bolster these efforts. This comprehensive approach seeks to modernize aging infrastructure, strengthen environmental protections, and prepare communities to withstand future challenges posed by climate change.

For more detailed information on these transformative projects and updates on future funding opportunities, interested parties are encouraged to visit the Environmental Facilities Corporation’s official website.


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