After hearing this news I'm not lovin' it.

Fans of McDonald's are bummed after the chain announced a major change that is coming to their restaurants.

Dining out at a fast food establishment is extremely common. According to statistics, many people eat fast food 1-3 times a week. Over 80% of families eat fast food at least once a week and 1/3 of Americans eat fast food almost every day.

McDonald's is one of America's favorite fast food restaurants. They announced a pretty big change coming to inside the dining area. Business Insider reports that McDonald's will be slowly phasing out their self-serve soda fountains.

I don't know about you but the self-serve soda machine is one of the best parts of fast food restaurants. Who doesn't love infinite refills? Customers will still be able to get refills but they will be filled by automatic machines and the employee will have to refill them behind the counter.

Don't worry you have a little time as these self-serve machines aren't going anywhere soon. They will slowly be phased out by 2032.

Have you ever made 60/40? It's 60% Coca Cola and 40% Sprite. You will have to ask an employee to make that for you.

People are calling it the end of an era.

Will you miss self-serve soda machines?


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