If your Hudson Valley home fits this description it could make it's movie debut.

Who wouldn't want to be in one of the many movies that are being filmed in the Hudson Valley? Also, who wouldn't want their home to be featured in one of the many movies that are being filmed here in the Hudson Valley?

The answer to both of those questions is yes, everyone would like that.

It's pretty cool how this area has been dubbed "Hollywood on the Hudson" and it's become a mecca for filming high-profile television shows and movies due to the Hudson Valley's beautiful landscapes. You never know what movie project will be coming here next or what they will need to make their movie complete.

Here's your chance to make your television debut, but in a very different way.

What unique way can a Hudson Valley resident claim their spot in a movie?

How about having your home in it? Hey...maybe it's not you, but it's surely something you, your friends and your family will all recognize. It's something really cool that you will always have to remember your home by.

The Hudson Valley Film Commission recently put out a Facebook Post and it was tagged #locationtuesday (I know it's Wednesday). The post mentioned how they are looking for an "isolated home in the woods" for a low budget indie. The post goes on to mention that the home should have a long driveway with many trees, it should be tasteful (no mansions needed phew) and it's supposed to be a woodsy retreat for someone coming from Los Angelos.

Sounds simple enough.

How can you get your Hudson Valley home in this movie?

It's pretty simple, you just have to email filmcommission@me.com or uploaded to https://tinyurl.com/hvfclocationform.

SIDE NOTE: The Hudson Valley Film Commission also left a comment on the post saying how they are looking for help with a horror comedy fantasy short film scheduled for June 28, 29 & 30. (2 day shoot with 1 day art/light prep) is seeking a house with a strong 1980s vibe, wallpaper, a window, suburbia vibes.

Good luck if you get one or both opportunities.

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