Dutchess County residents should add this bar on their list of places to enjoy an iced cold beer at.

It's funny because I first went to this place about two years ago, but completely forgot about it and went again recently and remembered how great it really is. Sometimes you just need a quick reminder of how awesome something is.

One of my good friends and I really, really enjoy a good pretzel. We base or meals off of a good pretzel and have become pretzel connoisseurs. We were sitting outside last summer trying to find a good snack by the lake and she suggested a place down the hill. When she said the name, it dawned on me that I've been there before and I remembered how delicious the food there was.

My friend and I have been there a few mores times since then and each time it does not disappoint. The bar is located in the ShopRite Plaza of Lagrangeville, it's more like a sports bar and they have a ton of beer choices, any guesses where I'm talking about?

What hidden bar is located in Lagrangeville, New York?

So, it's a little hidden. If you head into the ShopRite Plaza the bar and restaurant is toward the right side of it. Once you see it you'll kick yourself for not noticing it more and going in more (I know I have).

All City Grill Facebook/Canva
All City Grill Facebook/Canva

Look how cute the outdoor patio is.


The spot is called All City Grill and it's a sports bar. The reviews for the place are awesome and Hudson Valley residents really do seem to love it.

There are TONS of beer choices and look how cute the inside is (below).


Here's what people are saying:

  • Beanz- "Awesome Food Service and Atmoshere Love this Place"
  • Brian- "Great place. Friendly servers. good food. wouldn't even know it's there but worth checking it out."
  • Tory- "We had a good meal with plenty of great options. We had a super waitress (sorry, I’m forgetting her name) who brought us several samples from the extensive beers on tap to ensure we were able to select one we really liked. The appetizers were huge and our entrees were paced to give us a chance to enjoy each course. My Woodstock Raspberry Gose sour was delicious. I wish I could have taken some home, but I’m looking forward to going back and having another while trying some of the desserts we were too stuffed to attempt tonight."
  • Micheal- "Friendly place where anyone can stop in for a drink."
  • Yasmine- "They are amazing! Great food, great staff and great beer! Love it".

I recommend getting the black bean burger, a pretzel with cheese sauce and a beer when you go and check it out or the next time you plan on going. This place is a good reminder that it's important to really look around and try some place new.

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Thank you All City Grill fir bringing some good food and atmosphere to the Hudson Valley.

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