Taking a hayride has been a rite of passage for many of us who call Upstate New York home.

As a kid, we had a farm (Johnson's Farm) in my little hometown of Sidney, NY where we would go to get pies, cider, crafts and take a hayride. Dear old Mr. Johnson would load up the hay wagon with kids and adults and chug us around his beautiful farm in rural Delaware County. It was so charming and wonderful and the memory has stayed with me for more than 60 years.

Farmer Johnson is gone now, and so is his farm, but there are many wonderful places around the Upstate region where you can enjoy a hayride with the littles again this year. We have listed 13 of the best ones. Many of them are in small, little hamlets around the state, some are on pumpkin farms, some are at apple orchards, and most are at family farms (just like the Johnson Farm of my youth).

Also on the list are two "haunted hayrides" which have gained greatly in popularity over the years. As you will see, it is not just about a hayride anymore as most farms celebrate the harvest month of October with fun family festivals with all kinds of activities for all ages.

So Grandpa and Grandma relive your youthful memories with the small fry in your family this year and head out to a hayride near you. You won't be disappointed!

'Hit the Hay' This Fall With These 13 Great Upstate New York Hayrides

One of our favorite activities in the fall is to take a hayride. There is nothing like bundling up the little ones and piling onto a farmers wagon and then chugging around a farm, through a cornfield, up past an orchard, and back to the barn for a cold glass of apple cider.

Here are 13 top hayrides all around Upstate New York. And yes, two of them are 'not for the weak hearted!"

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