After nine months of holding on to an engagement ring waiting for the perfect moment, singer-songwriter Jordan Harvey popped the question to girlfriend Madison Fendley on Dec. 18th. However, the events to follow were something the newly engaged couple could not have anticipated.

Originally from Scotland, Harvey and Fendley were there over the holidays visiting his family. During their stay, the singer orchestrated a proposal in front of the picturesque Dundas Castle, completely surprising her!

The couple were on a love high as they traveled to Ireland 48 hours after the engagement to continue relishing in newly engaged bliss. That's where elation quickly turned to fear.

Harvey had been tired from the little sleep the festivities had given him. At their hotel, the singer decided to take a nap.

“I’m lying on this bed and thought I had fallen asleep,” Harvey recalls. That's all he can remember before his next view was paramedics standing over him.

“I wake up and [Madison]'s crying, there are paramedics over me, a nurse rubbing my leg…I was so confused.”

Harvey would learn he had suffered a grand mal seizure. According to the Mayo Clinic, these types of seizures are the most common. Often, they are caused by epilepsy or triggered by low blood sugar, high fever or stroke. However, the singer is still not sure what caused his body to seize that day.

“I’ve had all my tests, been cleared, I’m strong and back in the game,” Harvey states with a smile.

Being healthy and blissfully engaged aren’t the only two items Harvey is excited about. Right on the heels of his engagement adventure, the singer released his debut EP, It Is What It Is, via BBR Music Group/ Broken Bow Records.

This five-track project validates Harvey’s skill of putting his life experiences to paper, allowing fans to not only dive deep into his story, but also see themselves in the lyrics at the same time.

The EP highlights Harvey’s impressive vocal range, effervescent attitude and captivating tone. It's a sonic mix of the artists he enjoys listening to, including Johnny Cash, Kane Brown, Jordan Davis and the Beatles.

Courtesy of BBR Music Group/ Broken Bow Records
Courtesy of BBR Music Group/ Broken Bow Records

“I wanted this whole record to be such a melting pot,” he shares.

Dubbed the Caledonian Cowboy, Harvey is hoping his roots bring a rare flair to country.

“There’s such a direct correlation between Scottish folk music and country music,” he says. “Where I grew up, we didn’t have country radio. We had pop radio. You’re a product of your surroundings, but I sought out country records.”

You can listen to Jordan Harvey’s It Is What It Is on his official website.

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