Jelly Roll’s daughter Bailee is all grown up and experiencing a huge first: her own car! Jelly Roll’s wife Bunnie Xo brought fans along for Bailee’s car selection process, and the car she chose might be shocking for some.

Bunnie shares on the video on TikTok that the couple gave Bailee a set allotment to purchase a car, and from there she could choose whatever she wanted as long as it fit the budget.

“We told this girl she could have any car in the world, but there was a budget,” Bunnie shares. “This is what the child picked. This is what her heart desires.”

Bunnie prefaces the vehicle reveal in such a way because the car choice might not have been every 16 year old's first pick if they were told they could select any car they wanted.

Bailee choose a GMC Sierra 1500 white truck! As of now, the truck hasn’t been customized. However, both Jelly Roll and Bunnie love to make their family cars unique, so it might only be a matter of time until Bailee adds her personal touch to the truck.

“I’m whippin’ in every field,” Bailee laughs as the camera pans from the truck with a big yellow bow on it and then to her.

As Bunnie videos the spacious black interior of the car, Bailee asks Bunnie to take a listen to the loud hefty roar of the engine. After turning the truck on, a wide smile spreads across the teenager’s face.

While waiting to sign off on the truck, Bunnie jokes that she’s looking forward to being able to take away the truck if Bailee ever gets grounded.

“I can’t wait until you get in trouble and I can take your car away from you for the first time,” she jokes.

Bunnie XO TikTok

Bailee is quick to add a quip that it will never be happening.

The video was posted on April 10, so an early birthday present for Bailee as she turns the big 16 on May 22!

In addition to a new whip, Jelly Roll wanted to make extra sure his daughter felt extra loved entering her birthday. During his Stagecoach Festival debut, he made time to bring Bailee on stage for a special surprise.

The “Need A Favor” singer led the massive crowd in singing a collective Happy Birthday song for his teenager.

Photos from the surprise shows Bailee nestled into her dad’s shoulder, smiling as fans sang.

2024 Stagecoach Festival - Day 1
Getty Images for Stagecoach

"It was really cool, man," the singer told Good Morning America. ”She's about two weeks away from her birthday, but it was the closest I was ever gonna get to having that many people singing to her."

Bailee isn’t the only one in the family to drive a truck. Her dad does, too!
In a video Bunnie posted to YouTube three years ago, she shares that she had taken her husband’s truck to get customized.

Bunnie XO YouTube

It’s a matte black 1500 Hemi 5.7L Ram truck, fully tricked out with custom logos, trim, rear bumper and more!

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