Garth Brooks hasn't officially shown off his new tattoos yet, but he says that eagle-eyed fans should be able to hunt down a picture or two of the new ink. Apparently, part of one tattoo was visible during a surprise early January performance Brooks gave at Nashville's Bluebird Cafe to help raise money for Alive Hospice of Middle Tennessee.

Brooks tipped fans off to the brief, subtle tattoo reveal in an episode of his Facebook Live series, Inside Studio G, in response to a fan question asking for more details about the tattoo.

"Okay, so if you look, I'm sure someone will have — I wore a three-quarter sleeve at the Bluebird the other night, and I noticed I had my arm around Pat and some of it was showing," Brooks hints. "So I'm sure you will see a picture of it somewhere out there."

The Bluebird did share video of Brooks' performance on its social media channels, but a music stand is obscuring the view of both his forearms for much of the clip, so it seems that any visual evidence of the tattoo will have to come from a member of the audience.

Brooks has never really been a tattoo guy, but that changed in 2022, thanks to a promise he made to his daughter. That promise dates all the way back to 2014: That year, he was scheduled to headline Ireland's Croke Park, and he told his youngest daughter Allie Colleen that he would get a tattoo with her while in Ireland.

But those shows wound up getting canceled, and Brooks thought he was going to get away without making good on his deal — until 2022 rolled around  and he booked five Croke Park dates to wrap up his Stadium Tour.

"When we announced Ireland this year, she reminded me of my promise," he explained in October, also saying that his tattoos have a family meaning. "So with me forever, I’ll take the five women in my life: my mother, my three daughters and [wife] Miss [Trisha] Yearwood, all in places on my body.”

Though Brooks hasn't shared any pictures of his new ink — which he says actually consists of multiple tattoos — he has described the basic design concept, saying that it's a full sleeve that also extends onto his chest, and that it bears the names of his wife, mother and daughters.

In the latest episode of Inside Studio G, the singer provided some more details about the tattoos.

"The design is all about .... ivy. 'Cause my mom was a green thumb, my oldest daughter's a green thumb, and it has all the dates of my life of the people that made me wanna live this life," he explains. "So, pretty cool. I like it. I never understood, about having your three girls by your side the rest of your life. It's like, you know they're gonna be there anyway, but it's pretty cool to have it in ink."

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