Whatever you do, don't start a fight at a Cody Johnson concert. The country star stopped his show in Virginia on Saturday (May 27) to yell at two guys who were fighting in the crowd.

He said he'd have security walk them out if they didn't stop, and he even threatened to jump down and handle it himself if need be.

They were right up front by the stage, and Johnson was not having it. Someone posted a video where the star lays into them, saying:

"...all i said is dance your partner and do-si-do,
and we got a fight that broke out in front of the stage."



There were some younger fans there, too, which angered Johnson even more.

"If y'all bump into one of these kids, you'll have ME jumpin' off the stage," he adds in the video above.

Johnson is an outlaw in country music. Taste of Country Nights has had the chance to speak with him on several occasions and he always talks about his past life — what it was like before he settled down with his wife and kids, and how crazy things were back then.

He has said that after playing shows in honky-tonks years ago, they would drive to another town just to fight some boys they heard said something about them. Before music, Johnson worked as a prison guard, so he means business when he says he does.

The last few years have been good to Johnson professionally, and he is currently on tour to support his Human: The Double Album.

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